Flange Block Bearings

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A flanged housing with mounting holes connects these bearings directly to your system. They have a grooved inner diameter that's designed to work with spline shafts. Together, they transmit rotary power while allowing the bearing to move freely along the length of the shaft.Flange mounted bearings are used when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. They incorprate a sealed bearing that is preassembled into a flanged housing. The housing contains a precision ground surface perpendicular to the bearing axis and two, three or four mounting holes, depending on the style.



Flanged ball bearing units flanged ball bearing units consist of an insert bearing mounted in a housing, which can be bolted to a machine wall or frame. The assortment includes units compliant with ISO standards, North American standards, or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).




DODGE F4B-DL-014 Flange Block Bearings

25.40 mm 62.0000 mm
7500 rpm 34100 N

DODGE F4B-DL-103 Flange Block Bearings

10800 N 2600 N
17.00 mm 12000 rpm

DODGE F4B-DL-102 Flange Block Bearings

W 28 152.4 mm
85.9 kN 249 kN

DODGE EF4B-S2-211L Flange Block Bearings

0.375 in 33 mm
82.5 mm 37 mm

DODGE EF4B-S2-203L Flange Block Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

DODGE F2B-DL-203 Flange Block Bearings

38000 kN 20800 kN
701 kN 3.3

DODGE F2B-DL-200 Flange Block Bearings

HMVC 28E 12
AN 28 180.315 mm

DODGE F2B-DL-115 Flange Block Bearings

2 x 3/4-10 UNC 114.3 mm
10.2 kN 5

DODGE F2B-DL-111 Flange Block Bearings

4900 rpm 55300 N
7000 rpm 31000 N

DODGE EF4B-S2-200L Flange Block Bearings

4500 rpm Two Seals
55.000 mm 28100 N

DODGE F2B-DL-110L Flange Block Bearings

TER 19 SNW 10x1.5/8
2 x SR-1610 36.513 mm